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Winter centerpieces add a festive note to what otherwise might be dreary, dark days and nights. Instead of purchasing one at a retail store, why not create your own customized centerpiece? Even if you aren’t crafty, they’re simple enough to make so that spending an afternoon at the kitchen table making one provides a pleasant creative outlet that results in increased seasonal ambiance within your indoor living space. You can stay simple, spare and elegant, go all out for holiday glitz and glamour, or settle on something in the middle that suits your personal tastes and preferences.

Following are three easy-to-make winter centerpieces designed to provide apartments in Northridge, CA with a nice holiday accent for their living room or dining area.

One of the most simple and elegant holiday centerpiece looks is a clear vase holding several long bare branches. Choosing hazelnut or oak branches provide visual interest because of the way the branches curl. Those who prefer a more minimalist look should select straight branches such as those from maple, alder or beech trees. Illuminate the branches with a string of white or colored lights for a finishing touch. You can buy small strings of battery-operated lights from specialty retailers.

Another sweet centerpiece idea is a tiny holiday tree. You can purchase a small Norfolk pine tree in a pot, for instance, and decorate it with lights, small bulbs and tinsel. After the holiday season is over, you’ll have a nice house plant. You could also place the Norfolk pine on the patio or balcony of your apartment — with proper care, they grow to about six-feet tall when planted in containers.

This option can be as simple as filling a decorative basket with colorfully packaged holiday goodies or building an intricate lollypop tree. Let your imagination run free — and keep in mind that this sort of centerpiece can keep evolving throughout the season as family members and guests choose their favorite treats. This centerpiece is an excellent idea for when you’re throwing a holiday bash.

If you’re looking for a new home to celebrate the holidays in, please give us a call!

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