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How to Redecorate on a Dime

Whether you're settling in for the first time or you just want a change, redecorating can be a major project for those in Northridge apartments. People who have a passion for frugal decoration learn by doing it all and making lots of mistakes. They go to garage sales, they refinish the furniture and they mix and…

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3 Great Ways to Light Up Your Apartment

Brighten up any room in your apartment with these tried and proven lighting tips. They are fairly easy to implement and sure to make any apartment brighter than ever before. Task Lighting Task lighting is ideal for work areas such as the kitchen counter, an office desk or a reading desk or sofa. it won't…

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Hot 2019 Decorating Trends to Consider

Does the new year mean a new look for your apartment? If you are going to put in the time and money, you want to make sure the results are modern and fresh. Yet, what trends are up-and-coming, and which are tired and worn out? Jumping onto Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming. Before you find yourself…

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