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All the colors of spring hopefully inspire you to make your dinner plate match the outside of the apartments in Northridge. Without some serious variety on your plate, you may find yourself failing to get all the nutrients you need. Even worse, you may find that your meals are boring. This is a time to awaken your body up with energy and life, and the right food is a big part of that. Use these spring recipes to mix it up.

Eating with the seasons is a great way to keep all of your meals as fresh as possible. This one-skillet meal is chock-full of greenery like peas and asparagus, and has a spicy zing with a flavorful mustard that pulls the whole meal together. This dish is particularly good for when you’ve had a tough day at work and don’t have a lot of mental energy to put together a more complicated dinner.

Entertaining doesn’t have to be difficult when you have easy meals that can please practically any taste. When the temperatures heat up, cool the palate down with this healthy and colorful pasta salad that is packed with vibrant veggies and fabulous flavor. Take it as an appetizing starter to any outdoor picnic and watch as the tender pasta, juicy tomatoes and rich ricotta are devoured in minutes.

Instead of serving another piece of peach pie this year, try rhubarb crisp as a tribute to the in-season fruit. There’s no reason to deny yourself this year, especially considering that this dessert is heavily dependent on rhubarb packed with vitamins C and K, along with fiber, protein and calcium. The walnuts, oats and brown sugar bring this delicious dessert together and serve as an interesting and tasty departure to the everyday chocolate cakes or sugar cookies.

Northridge apartments may not have the frigid temperatures of the Midwest or the Northern states, but that’s no reason to let spring come and go without a special treat. There’s still a lot of greenery to celebrate. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, consider a tour around the grounds of Candlewood North. Give us a call today to come see what we’re all about!

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