5 Wines to Transition into Fall

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Life gets hectic for many people as they transition from summer into the cooler fall months. That doesn't mean residents can't enjoy life to the fullest in their Northridge apartments, though! Fall is the perfect time to sample some new wines as the leaves begin changing color and the temperatures drop. Here are five wines to try out as you transition into the fall.

Perfect Wines for Fall

  • Grenache: A Grenache is considered one of the best wines to savor in the fall. It sometimes has a higher alcohol content, but that's okay in cooler temperatures! The region the Grenache comes from can have a big impact on flavor. American Grenache relies on raspberries and cloves for flavor, while the French and Italian varieties use dried strawberries. It goes great with a pork roast or traditional Moroccan dishes.
  • Marsanne/Rousanne: These are two white wines from the Northern Rhône region. Blend them together for an aromatic white with pear and nut flavors — perfect for fall! It's a delicious complement to a fall meal of roast turkey.
  • Barbera: Barbera is considered northern Italy's "wine of the people." Argentina and Napa Valley also make great varieties of Barbera. The oak-heavy versions can have more of a chocolate or vanilla "kick" to them. Barbera is the perfect accompaniment to a pot roast or meatloaf.
  • Dolcetto: This dry wine is another one popular in northern Italy. Dolcetto has more tannin than a Barbera but is less acidic. It's a delightful mixture of fruit and bitterness for a chilly evening, and it goes well with a hearty beef stew or onion rings.
  • Carignan: How about a great cranberry-flavored wine for the fall? This medium-bodied red pairs well with almost any meal. Wine connoisseurs recommend the new varieties of Carignan coming out of central Chile, as well as the more traditional ones from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.

We hope you enjoy those delicious fall flavors as it gets cooler outside! Don't forget, we have floor plans available for viewing if you have friends or acquaintances looking at apartments in Northridge. Just have them call the leasing office at (866) 796-2183.

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