Hot 2019 Decorating Trends to Consider

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Decor trends

Does the new year mean a new look for your apartment? If you are going to put in the time and money, you want to make sure the results are modern and fresh. Yet, what trends are up-and-coming, and which are tired and worn out? Jumping onto Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming. Before you find yourself lost in pinning ideas, take a minute to look at some of the hottest decorating trends predicted for 2019!

Green Reigns Supreme

This year’s hottest color is going to be green, but not just any shade. This green is a moody, deep green named “Nightwatch.” You may not want to color an entire room in your Northridge apartment this vibrant color, but consider adding some accents that embrace this hot trend. A rich green throw rug against wood-style flooring is a great look!

Multi-Function Furnishings

This trend is great news for apartment dwellers. As more and more people are moving into the city, multi-purpose furniture with a small footprint and multiple uses is becoming a hot trend. Look for couches that double as guest beds and ottomans with hidden storage as part of this trend, all with attractive and modern designs.

Statement Ceilings

Forget wallpaper on the walls. In 2019, watch as it shows up on ceilings. With removable wallpaper options, this is an idea that apartment dwellers can embrace with gusto. Choose a bold pattern and create a statement ceiling, or grab a bucket of paint to do the design yourself.


Curves are making a comeback in furnishings for 2019. Soft, rounded edges on everything from coffee tables to couches are going to be a hot trend, and these can add quite a bit of texture and interest to your space. If your redecorating will include new furnishings, consider embracing this idea.


Now that you have some ideas, are you ready to get to work? Candlewood North Apartments in Northridge, California, provide the perfect canvas for all of your decorating ideas. With a wide range of floor plans available and the amenities you crave, you’ll feel right at home. Stop by the website today to see available units.

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