3 Smart Resolutions to Make This Month

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There are a lot of resolutions that you can make over the new year, but unfortunately, it's not always easy to stick with them. Bogging yourself down with too many expectations may even force you to give up long before you even get started. To avoid this burnout, you might want to try making smarter solutions without the year-long deadline. Here are a few monthly suggestions that may make more sense than your vague plans to lead a better life. 

Add to Your Diet 

Instead of denying yourself that extra piece of cake or bag of potato chips that's calling your name, try making a promise to yourself that you'll add something good to your diet this month. Whether it's more veggies, whole grains or Vitamin A, commit to one component for one month and track your progress. This won't stop you from eating those extra calories, but it may increase your awareness of what you're putting in your mouth.

Get More Steps 

You don't have to go for the full 10,000 steps a day, but you can commit to an extra 500 steps a day for a whole month (compared to what you usually average). This resolution is a smart move because walking does more than just burn calories. It's also a great way to relieve depression, anxiety or even the temporary blues. Walking around in the winter isn't always easy because of the darker days, but you probably have a lunch hour that could use some more activity. 

Stop the Snooze Button

You know that groggy feeling you have when you get to work in the morning? The snooze button is a major enemy of your general productivity, so stop hitting it. For one month, commit to rising above it by rising out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off. This resolution can get your head in the right space before you go to work, so you can get that promotion you want.

These resolutions are all concrete variations on general resolutions you've probably already made for the new year. If you're looking for Northridge apartments that can help you reach your goals, call Candlewood North to learn more about how our apartments can help you lead your best life!

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