Fun Winter Workout Tips

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Working out in the wintertime isn't always easy to do, no matter what type of fitness plan you favor. Even if you work out at a 24-hour gym, it's far easier to go home and relax when you consider the sun went down two hours before you even got out of work. To make things a little more fun, try these workout tips to put a little more spring in your step.

Embrace the Chill 

As the saying goes, there are ways to join 'em if you can't beat 'em. Northridge apartments may not be surrounded by snow, but you can certainly find a place to go ice skating if you're looking to vary your winter activities. You can even take a ride to nearby ski resorts if you're looking for a road trip that will result in some major calorie loss. Sledding, skiing and snowboarding will use up plenty of energy, so embrace the chill and get moving.

Dance It Out 

Dancing is a great winter workout activity that you can do wherever you happen to be. So the next time you want to grab the blanket and just tuck yourself in for the night, consider turning on some music for a few minutes and getting into the groove. The more you move your body and feel the rhythm, the more likely it is that you won't even have to turn on the heat to feel the burn.

Commit to a Class 

There's no need to pay money to burn calories, but sometimes spending the cash is still worth it. Whether it's a yoga, dance or boxing class, this option not only gives you the structured environment you need to ensure you actually show up, but it can also teach you a brand-new skill. Plus, you're in a designated fitness space with plenty of lighting, so you can cut down on the risk of potential safety hazards.

Candlewood North knows the importance of helping you stay in shape, which is why we have the space you need to get moving. Swim a few laps in our resort-style pool or just take a walk around our beautiful grounds. Call us today to schedule a tour and see all of our amenities.

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