3 Ways to Help Yourself Become an Early Riser

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“The early bird gets the worm.”

While you may not be interested in worms, per se, you still may be interested in the many benefits that rising early can provide. In fact, studies show that those who wake up earlier are overall more successful in their lives. 

Still, deciding to start waking up earlier is a big choice — and it’s not easy! If you’re used to sleeping in or rolling out of bed after hitting snooze five or six times, you may want a little help making this transition. 

Start Going To Bed Earlier

This doesn’t even mean you need to close your eyes earlier. You just need to start getting ready for bed earlier. This helps your body and mind wind down, better preparing you for a sounder sleep, which will, in turn, help you rise earlier. 

Give Yourself Time To Do Nothing In The Morning

A lot of people plan their waking time so that they have just enough time to jump in the shower, get dressed, grab a thermos of coffee, and run out the door. No wonder you don’t want to get up early! 

If this is the case for you, change things up. Plan your waking time so that you have at least 20 minutes to shuffle to the kitchen, enjoy a slow cup of coffee and breakfast, and sit on the couch doing nothing. Knowing that you don’t have to wake up and immediately hurry will help you get out of bed more readily. 

Don’t Start Slow; Just Jump In

If you’ve tried waking up earlier in the past by adjusting your alarm just 5 or 10 minutes in small increments, forget it. You’ll resort to old habits. 

Instead, jump right in. Set your alarm for exactly the time you want to get up, try your best to go to sleep earlier the night before, and force yourself to wake up when your alarm goes off.

The goal here is to force yourself to wake up, struggle through the morning, and go about your day — no matter how tired you are. If you do this, you’ll be exhausted at night and able to go to bed early, giving you enough sleep to get up at the same time the next day. 

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