How to Keep Your Cleaning Tools Sanitary

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Residents who keep their apartments in Northwood clean on a regular basis are also keeping their families healthy. To maintain an even more sustainable lifestyle, it's a great idea to keep your cleaning tools sanitized. This helps to make your cleaning tools last longer, which means you won't need to replace them as often. Here are some tips on keeping household cleaning tools sanitary.

1. Mop Maintenance

The mop head tends to be one of the grungiest cleaning tools in Northwood apartments because it's used to scrub kitchen and bathroom floors. Mop heads should be cleaned about three times a year (once every four months). For microfiber mop heads, you can wash them as a laundry item on the hottest setting. For sponge mops, soak the sponge in a bucket of hot water and vinegar for half an hour. Allow the mop head to air-dry outside.

2. Toilet Brush Cleaning

To sanitize your toilet brush, soak the bristles in a bowl or bucket with two cups of bleach. Let the bristles soak for about an hour.

3. Vacuum Cleaner Wipe Down

Have you ever cleaned your vacuum cleaner? It builds up a lot of dust, hair, and debris if you don't. Unplug the vacuum before cleaning it. For bagless vacuums, take them apart and wipe everything down a damp sanitary cloth. Allow the parts to fully dry before reassembling. If your vacuum cleaner uses a bag, dump the entire bag and wipe down the inside with a dry cloth. A damp cloth can be used to wipe accessories and the exterior parts.

4. Broom Clean Up

Cleaning your broom is a two-step process. First, vacuum the bristles with a round brush attachment. Then, soak the bristles in warm dishwater for about 30 minutes. Stand the broom upside down in a corner to allow it to air-dry.

Those tips will extend the lives of most of your cleaning tools, which will save you money and helps to keep your Northwood apartment nice and clean. Know anyone who plans to move soon? Let them know we still have floor plans available, which they can view by calling the leasing office at 866-796-2183.

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