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How to Interpret Your Cat’s Meows

Cats meow to people because they're trying to tell them something, but rarely meow to other cats. Cats have their own language that we can observe but not necessarily participate in. Unfortunately, sometimes pet owners don't quite understand what their cat is really trying to say. To form a better relationship with your pet in the…

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How to Prepare Your Dog for the Vet

Dogs who are extremely nervous in the waiting room of the vet can be disruptive for both you and the people around you. In the worst case scenario, pets can cause injuries or property damage to the facility — whether intentional or not. Your dog's personality and reactions are partially dictated by circumstances outside your…

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Helping Your Dog Adjust to a New Home

Have you recently joined us with a dog? Or have you just added a dog to your family? At our pet-friendly Northridge, CA apartments, we wish you and your new pal a long and joyful relationship. Your Dog's First Days at Home It's time for showing love — and setting rules, too. It's time for learning the…

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